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ARC Trainer® vs Elliptical vs AMT®: The Ultimate Fitness Test

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Burn more

Research reveals 16% more calorie burn than an elliptical in a 60-minute workout.

That's 0 more calories
in a week, or...

0 more calories
in one year, or...

7 Pounds of Fat!

7 pounds of fat!

(1lb of fat equals 3,500 calories)

For the SAME
time, SAME effort,
and SAME
perceived exertion.

Build more

The Arc Trainer can significantly increase lower body strength and power.

Increased lower body strength and power means you can...

Jump Higher
Increase your
vertical leap.**
Run Faster
Improve your sprinting speed and squat strength.**
Improve Muscular Endurance
Train harder and longer.

Muscle Tone

Firm your butt
and lower body.

Improves overall fitness
and ability to do more
work in less time.

Feel less

Research reveals that the patented Arc pattern of motion results in 84% less knee stress compared to the elliptical.*

Elliptical knee stress is
comparable to lunging.

Arc Trainer knee stress
is comparable to walking.

The Arc Trainer delivers a
more comfortable workout,
so you can exercise longer
and recover faster.

You Will Love It

joint pain
and discomfort.

Burn more calories
in 30 minutes than
on an elliptical. *

Increase speed,
endurance, and power.




*   Source: 2012 University of Wisconsin – La Crosse
** Source: 2012 AthleteFIT Studies